I had no problems with my Oneplus 5T but a timing opportunity came up to gift it to someone and move upgrading for myself forward. I had looked at the Oneplus 7 but it was out-of-stock, I found out since the 7T will be released shortly so the 7 is effectively end-of-life.

I went with a Samsung S10e instead. The white model was at a good price. First impressions have been mostly good. The colour was not to my liking in person, going an odd shade of blue under certain lighting. A case solved the aesthetics and also helped with ergonomics. I had found the side mounted fingerprint-reader hard to pinpoint at times before.

I have an adaptor on order to try Dex which will be interesting. I already have a suitable mouse and keyboard (MX Anywhere 2S and K380 from Logitech)


  • Headphone jack
  • Vibrant screen
  • Compact


  • Battery life is a step down
  • No included fast charger (comes with 10W)
  • Speaker volume low